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Project Description
Lua for the Dynamic Languages Runtime (DLR)

This is an attempt to port the Lua language ( to the DLR (more information here:

It's actually a port of an existing "kept on the shelf" Lua to .NET compiler that me and Dominic Cooney started hacking on a few years ago. The original compiler can be found at (Microsoft Permissive License). That version unfortunately never made it past alpha, and a few of the "harder" Lua features are still missing. The intent is to use it as the base for this project, and contrast the different implementation approaches as I go.

The source code section will contain the most up to to date source. Watch out for the "NotImplementedException" landmines as most of the compiler doesn't work at the moment. It emits hello world and some basic statement/expression stuff at the moment. Hopefully you'll find value in watching the compiler grow over time.

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